“Show Off!”

Do you have a collection of antique or vintage items that you would love to display? Do you find that space limitations are keeping you from displaying your special collection? Is lack of floor space for an additional piece of furniture to hold your collection a problem? Are you stymied about how to put it all together?

If your treasures are just packed away in a box or cluttered in a closet, it is time to show these lovelies off! Try designing a wall gallery with your collection! Gallery walls can look great in many places in your home–a kitchen, a stairwell, a high traffic area, an awkward wall, in your dining room or wherever your heart desires!

Your gallery wall can be designed around:

  • A specific color
  • A theme
  • A certain type of collection such as vintage plates, mirrors, pictures, etc.
  • A focal piece

Look at these fun ideas! Inspired yet?? Show it off!!

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